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Waist Beads For Weight Loss Tracking

One of the benefits of waist beads is using them for weight loss tracking. Instead of reading the weighing scale to check your weight, waist beads will help you cut on the sugar and carbs whenever you start gaining weight.

For comfort, waist beads are usually worn with some wiggle room, not too tight on the body. We recommend an extra inch to your preferred length. When you gain weight, the waist beads will start getting tight. Tight waist beads may snap and break! You will find most women wearing waist beads above the navel once the lower hip region becomes bigger.

As soon as your start loosing weight, the waist beads will drop and hang nicely around the waist. If you loose a lot of weight faster, it may be difficult to get the right fit for your waist beads but do not let your weight loss journey dampen because of the beads being too loose. You can layer several beads with varying lengths around the navel area so that in the event you loose a lot of weight, the beads will lay nicely around the mid section and help with shaping your waist.

Looking to start tracking your weight loss using waist beads? Check out our shop for affordable authentic African waist beads.

27 thoughts on “Waist Beads For Weight Loss Tracking

  1. I wear like a size 14 to 15 in women pants so which number I need to pick for my waist beads

    1. A size 38”, 39” will fit a US pant size 14/15. Please use a measuring tape around the area you would like the beads to lay for accurate sizing.

  2. I would say order to 40 43

  3. I wear an size 11/12. I measure my waist but i want to make sure i measured correctly. What length would i need to get?

    1. For pant size 11/12, the waist will be around 32”- 33”. Please use a measuring tape around the area you would like the beads to lay for accurate sizing.

  4. Good Morning ,

    I wear a size 4 pants which size waist beads do you recommend?

    1. Perfect waist size for pant size 4 is 27”. Depending on how low you want the beads to lay close to your hips, this range is ideal 27”-31”

  5. Can you please tell me what size in a 10

    1. Please clarify your question so that we can answer. Measurements are in inches.

  6. I wear size 22 /24 in pants just getting started

    1. Great! It is always nice to start the process and look back on how waist beads help you track the weight loss.

  7. I were a 16 in pants do I get a 48 for extra room

    1. A pant size 16 will be around 38” in the waist. Please use a measuring tape for accurate sizing!

  8. I wear a size 18 20 what size do you recommend ?

    1. A size 18 – 20 will be around 40”-42” waist size.

  9. Hi I measured my waist at a 40 should I have gotten a 41 or 42?

    1. Either of them will work just fine. 41” will sit higher than 42”

  10. i’m 26/28 what size should i do and do you do special sizes

    1. Size 27” will work! Taking measurements before and after meals can also provide different measurements. A snug strand would be ideal.

  11. I wear a 22/24 what size will I need

    1. Size 44”-46 should be ideal. Always use a measuring tape around the area you would like the waist beads to lay, for accurate sizing.

  12. I wear a 24/26 in pants with more hips than anything. What’s the best size to order for me. How do you wear them also i.e. above clothes, under clothes, and can you shower and sleep in them? New to this but excited to learn and use. Thank you for the ability to post to ask.

    1. The best size is around 30”-32”. Mostly they are worn under the clothes. Depending on the reasons for wearing them (cultural, sexy feel, symbolism). You can showeer with them but make sure the closures are always kept dry to avoid damage.

  13. what happens if you order the order size? can you exchange them for a another size??

    1. We are always happy to adjust them at no cost. However, all shipping expenses will be your responsibility. Please measure yourself correctly.

  14. Nice products

    1. Thanks!

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